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Triad Square follows a structured approach when investing and supporting in blockchain innovative ideas into actual innovation project concepts. Through our creative co-development, our platform has the potential to support the industry’s skill data base and service it to your scalable ambitions and goals through our hiring process.

Either you are looking for a blockchain developer or a blockchain designer, our hiring team’s in-depth experience in Crypto, NFTs and Metaverse with data science and cloud computing can match the benefits of blockchain to choose best-fit candidates.

Our clients ranges from various industrial sectors and IT chains. Our investments has further ventured in Crypto Projects and diversified with collaboration and partnering with NFT Blockchain Games and Metaverse.

Triad Square provides cutting-edge solutions to clients across the globe in all the business wavelength to initiate Web3 evolution. Blockchain empowers us to provide customer made blockchain solutions for applications in all industries. Automation, authentication and decentralization. Moreover, blockchain is designed for NFTs, NFT marketplaces, crypto exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, and DeFi solutions among others.

Blockchain tech is designed for lot of tokens for ICO, STO, and IEO along with similar solutions for DAapps. Blockchain is ever evolving, improving and learning is constant.

Triad Square Blockchain Solutions our experts in bridging a wide range of skilled and qualified staffing to Blockchain and Crypto Industries. Our team uses various facets of filters to source the right candidates to build a strong foundation team.

In the late 20th century, World Wide Web (www) revolution was in evitable. The experts called it the “dot-com” bubble because of the communication was one-way and the speed was very slow.

With some advancement Web2 made significant breakthrough not only in communication but also in generation content by the users and having the user’s opinion known world-wide.

There is no-doubt, the technology gave certain ease of life. However, having all the personal of users and critical information of big tech organization under one roof, prying eyes was never too far away to get their hands on it and thus leading to data and security breach.

The users became cautious and the need to have the next stage of internet revolution with privacy is sought after. This gave rise to Web3.

How do you define Web3?

Web3 includes Blockchains, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and more with evolution of owning assets digitally and interacting with someone halfway through the world digitally with your digital avatar in the digital world. All these comprises the infancy stages of Web3.

The Need of Web3

From the hands of a few to the hands of everyone, gave rise for the need of Web3, a need of decentralization. In decentralization, the user data will not be restricted to ‘servers’, it is spread across as ‘nodes’ which are connected to the ecosystem. In the blockchain networks, when the devices are connected, the network act as a base with other integrated tech. The user in Web3 has the power to stake and mine which allows them to earn along with the previous Web2 abilities. Other tech will be bought in to be implemented in Web3 that would change lives with coherent use of smart systems everywhere.

IDO (Initial Dex Offering) Launchpad

To raise funding in crypto project using decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges IDO launchpad as a platform. The nature of decentralizing exchanges depend on liquidity upon which these platform takes advantages of. While comparing to the previous crypto offering models (ICO & IEO), IDO launchpads was more beneficial. Any new entrepreneurs can use launchpads to move-up to the next level that welcomes them to a wide spread vibrant investor communities.

IDO (Initial Dex Offering) Launchpad




Non-Fungible tokens are known for their unique features and fantasies which empowers the NFT holder are certain status and social access. The attraction towards these collectibles circulating within the luxury communities is a network business as well. The collectibles attracts lots of curiosity that brings a lot of buyers in the NFT market for its unique identity.

Arts & games are the next evolution of NFTs. Its market place grew in leaps and bounds on Ethereum with its possibility to create, sell and exchange various digital assets from NFT games, NFT arts, NFT sculptures, NFT lands, NFT characters, NFT videos and music which captivate huge number of collectors and traders

DeFi Development

Decentralized Finance is the biggest reset in today’s financial system. The access is smoother for everyone for major functions such as borrowing, lending, trading and investment. Millions of unbanked people can be benefited from it. DeFi is also known as open finance. Through automation and smart contracts it is more effective as financial process. The mediators are removed and transparency is bought thus removing any chances of fraud. Each users get a private key hence giving more control to them. The transactions are unchangeable once executed through the network. These transactions are easily synced with many decentralized apps as they are operational internally.

DeFi Development

Decentralized Exchange​

Decentralized Exchange

Decentralized Business Exchange Development has expanded and out reached in major segments. Any user can fetch a direct deal with the interruption of a third party. The security and privacy of the user is never revealed.

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) came into the picture when the drawbacks of Traditional Exchanges or Centralized Exchanges (CEX) became more apparent.

Although the services offered by DEX is same as CEX, DEX offers more benefits like complete security, transparency and privacy including complete control over the crypto assets which was missing from Traditional Exchanges. The potential of DEX is not fully explored. it is nevertheless, very lucrative in financial business.

Advantages of Decentralized Exchange Script


Threats of hacking is zero as the private keys of the users are securely stored. The software used in decentralized exchange does not include a governed authority, by that the data and the funds are safer.


Middlemen Removed

Middlemen Removed

The elimination of Middle men increases the efficiency and reduces the costs. The very reason of removing the middlemen is why Decentralization platform has its advantage over Centralized platform.

Neutralizing Central Authority

Equal access to the data will be given to all the participants in the network. Participants can easily strike deals by trading cryptocurrencies to other users on the platform.

Neutralizing Central Authority

A High Efficient Privacy

A High Efficient Privacy

The personal data are kept confidential. The user identity will not be revealed to anyone in the network apart from those party with whom they are transacting.

Quick Trading

In the decentralized software, trading is not only faster, it save on time and money for both the buyers and sellers. The exchanges of crypto currencies are faster with the best market rates.

Quick Trading

Token Development in Blockchain

Token Development in Blockchain

Within the Ethereum blockchain both fungible and non-fungible ERC tokens are created. Tokens can be recycled, this is to ensure sustainability.

There is flexibility in token migration from Betanet to Mainnet of any Blockchain. To ensure the reliability of token standards, ERC20 token wallet can be converted.

Token safety is never given-away. Token security uses cold storage mechanism. The hardware security provided is impenetrable.

Smart token are distributed among potential investors for fund raising to launch various projects faster. The tokens are then listed on top crypto exchanges. A personalized wallet is created accordingly to store and manage your tokens.

Creation of ERC Token

ERC 20: With ERC20 token integration comes easy into blockchain wallets and exchange platforms. The integration helps in enhancing the network.

ERC 721: Tokens is ERC 721 are different and they are unique. They are not interchangeable.

ERC 777: It is a mix of equity and debt securities. This is also inclusive of stocks, bonds and other derivatives for issuance and security management on the ethereum token blockchain.

ERC 223: This token is similar to ERC 20 tokens because of functional similarities and suitability. The developer has the full control on incoming token transactions and this process negates of any chance of loss.

Creation of ERC Token

TRON Decentralized Application (DApp)

TRON Decentralized Application (DApp)

It is a blockchain based decentralized network system. It is programmed with distinct protocol with its own blockchain explorer along with its own native cryptocurrency known as Tronix (TRX). It is built to execute certain specific reasons, mainly to build peer to peer media networks worldwide.

With the use of Solidy language, TRON smart contract network is built upon. The development of decentralized applications on the TRON blockchain platform defines TRON DApp development.

TRON is the next growing phenomenon that gives complete platform. Users has the freedom to develop and issue tokens with their own network which empowers the operations at every step. Two basic points to understand here is, TRON blockchain as a token generation system through TRC10 and protocol development in place called TRC20. It is developed due to the creation of tokens. TRC20 is executed with the help of TVM (TRON Virtual Machine) which is very much compatible with ERC20 tokens.

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The effective way to launch a crypto exchange platform into the blockchain space is White Label cryptocurrency exchanges. It is a market ready platform. Launching a crypto currency exchange traditionally consumes time, effort and cost because it has to be done from scratch. Through White Label platform, it is very affordable and saves on time.

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Peer 2 Peer Funding Platform


Peer 2 Peer Funding Platform

Funding is old as time and will continue in the future. Funding as evolved substantially through centuries and now with the current technology, funding is just a few clicks away. Blockchain technology has the potential to change the financial structure globally.

P2P – blockchain based Peer-to-Peer funding allows two bodies to meet their precise needs without the involvement of 3rd party at a lower cost. It will evolve to a highly-secure & simplified funding system of the future into 3 ways.

a. Blockchain based P2P Crypto Funding
b. Blockchain based P2P Fiat Funding
c. Blockchain based P2P Cross Funding

Blockchain Payment Remittance Platform

Simplifying cross border payments by collapsing the traditional barriers and disrupting the remittance industry. Managing assets for merchants and clients with ease through blockchain money transfer.

The payment industry will be revolutionized by allowing crypto to fiat transfer. Money transfer by blockchain is very efficient by sending fiat money by using digital currencies. The recipient has flexibility due to various payout options Direct to Bank, Cash Withdrawal and Mobile Top-Up.

The remittances and payment industry suffer some structural flaw as the recipients and the benefactors experience high fees and delays in transaction settlements. The technology involved in blockchain payment negates the bank and the bankers in its process. The blockchain payment remittance will be between the sender and receiver.

Blockchain Payment Remittance Platform

ICO Development

ICO Development

Entrepreneurs are always looking to raise funds within the time frame and the quickest way to do that is through Initial Coin Offering Platform. A start up company requires a sufficient amount of funds to kick-start their venture and mark the venture in market place. ICO development helps raise capital when coins/tokens are allocated during the seed and private rounds.

The start up company will have a team of developers with in-depth knowledge and hands on experience who will develop ICO solutions that will set the company up for success and stay ahead of competition in the market at 3 stages:

Stage 1: ICO Token Development
Stage 2: ICO Marketing
Stage 3: Community Building

ICO Token Development covers the following points.

a. Lightpaper
b. Whitepaper
c. Presentation
d. Landing Page
e. ICO Fundraising Dashboard
f. Marketing Plan
g. Press Release Kit
h. Coin or Token creation
i. Coin Drop
j. Bounty Management
k. Listing Services
l. Coin Price Pump

Initial Exchange Offering

It is considered as the safe fund raising mechanism when the project token creators uses this platform to raise funds. An agreement takes place between the fundraising company and crypto exchanges companies such as IDAX, LATokens & Binance to name a few with pre-requisite conditions.

Fundraising through this platform ensures due diligence before accepting any project which makes IEO a new booming trend. Moreover, it has the potential to change the landscape of token based fundraising. The investors has the confidence of liquidity when the projects has a ready-made user base to put the efforts in marketing. Furthermore, it simplifies the KYC process on the issuers because the exchanges takes responsibility of verifying investors and projects.

Initial Exchange Offering


How does ICO differs from IEO?

a. In ICO, we need investors and admin dashboard to raise the funds. In IEO, funds are raised in exchanges.
b. Projects and Investors will be screened by the exchanges based on their parameters before the launch on the platform with reduced cost.
c. No requirement to manage smart contracts. Exchanges manages the smart contracts.
d. The exchanges will manage the KYC services that saves time, cost and resources for boarding investors.

Types of DeFi Protocols

1. Decentralized Exchange Protocols

A DEX operates like a stock exchange, except it is run by a smart contract on the blockchain that enforces rules and executes trades. Users can trade cryptocurrencies and DEXs do not require a centralized authority to operate.

2. Decentralized Marketplaces

These crypto marketplaces allow users to deal directly with each other, instead of a middlemen. One can download the SW client on their computers and it will connect them with all other people running the same software

3. Lending Protocols

The DeFi crypto lending platforms offer crypto loans to anyone in a trustless manner, that is, without intermediaries. Any user can enlist the crypto coins they own in the DeFi lending platforms for lending purpose and borrow stable coins for their use.

4. Asset Management Protocols

These protocols help in generating higher returns than normal investing. User funds are pooled in smart contracts which have automated strategies to put those funds in various protocols to get high returns.

5. Decentralized Prediction Markets

Prediction markets are collections of people that are speculating on the outcome of an event. Decentralized prediction platforms use smart contracts and oracles to speculate on the outcome of an event and trade shares of the event.

6. Decentralized Derivatives Protocols

Crypto derivatives platforms are similar to traditional ones. Traditional investment vehicles have high barriers to entry and capital requirement. With DeFi, these assets can be price-pegged and tokenized on the blockchain.

7. Decentralized Insurance Protocols

DeFi insurance platforms help in protecting the users in case of loss of their invested funds to various DeFi protocols. These protocols are usually decentralized and DAOs take decisions on various aspects of recovery.

8. Synthetic Assets

Synthetic assets are tokens that are digital representations of derivatives. These protocols provide various ways in which tokens can be granted to derivatives which have underlying value be it digital or physical assets.