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We Provide a complete range of Vulnerability scanning and penetrating testing, covering critical ../assets from inside the DMZ.

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With great experience and Technical Knowledge, our security consulting team provides the specialized service, which covers entire Information Security. While, the main Service we offer is the VAPT – a Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing & Forensics.

We also have a dedicated expert team specialised in various SIEM products with System and Network Administration Background.

VAPT Services

Triadsquare is the only solutions provider to combine patented automated static and dynamic analysis with manual penetration testing for high assurance applications. This unique approach enables organizations to cover their entire application portfolio and focus manual penetration testing efforts on critical applications. This results in lower overall risk, greater insight into third party applications, and reduced costs.

Web Application Penetration Testing method is based on the black box approach. The tester knows nothing or very little information about the application to be tested. The testing model consists of:

Tester: Who performs the testing activities

Tools and methodology: The core of this Testing Guide project

Application: The black box to test

Testing is done by experienced information security professionals. (Certified& Knowledgeable) Management and technical report highlighting the vulnerabilities, penetration test results and the associated risks & Mitigation Methodology are provided.

Penetration Testing service proactively attempts to break into your system to assess your level of security preparedness. This helps you get a hacker’s eye view of the system, and it enables you to identify security holes that could be exploited by a remote attacker to compromise your system. At Triadsquare, we employ penetration testing tools and techniques that are constantly updated to include all known threats and risks. This means that after your system is tested & certified, it can be used with the absolute assurance that it is secure.

There are three components to this service:

Light perimeter test – testing the strength of the perimeter from a remote location.

Full perimeter test – verifying the security of the perimeter, the servers in the DMZ, with remote exploitation of the DMZ, and accessible internal systems.

Internal test : the ‘trusted-insider’ test, launched from inside the client’s network, with internal exploitation.

Server Configuration issues will compromise the desired security level to be maintained in these ../assets. The objective of the review is to identify configuration vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a malicious entity, the reviews cover as applicable:

  • Common Network Service misconfiguration and Vulnerabilities
  • Network Service Permissions and Local Privilege Levels
  • Local Rights and Group Membership Analysis
  • Local Password Policy and Lockout
  • Server Audit Settings, User Rights Assignment and other security options
  • Running Process Lists and Programs Scheduled to Automatically Start
  • Blank Passwords and Joe Login Accounts
  • File Shares and File Permissions
  • Antivirus and Server Patch Management

Configuration reviews offered for

  • Apache Webserver
  • Apache Tomcat Server

Apps are floating around, Android apps, iPhone apps among many of mobile applications deal with personally Identifiable Information (PII), Credit card and other sensitive data. So applications should be secured.

Testing Overview and Objective:

Android, iPhone Mobile Application and Mobile device penetration test capabilities speed the testing process, automate mundane tasks, and provide a repeatable assessment methodology for measuring mobile device security over time.

  • Making Mobile Application more and more secure
  • To remove all the Vulnerabilities from the mobile devices
  • To make Mobile Application Secure from all types of Attacks

Mobile Application Penetration testing service from TSI will test the application for the presence of common and critical vulnerabilities and penetration possibilities.

Configuration reviews offered for

Following tests, as applicable will be performed and Penetration testing reports provided.

  • Source code review
  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Memory Leakage Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Authentication Testing
  • Session Management
  • Authorization Testing
  • Data Validation Testing

Security Incident Management

Every Network has these days devices from multiple vendors and Security devices are getting added to the networks to feel more secure. Devices such as IPS / IDS, firewalls, gateway anti-viruses, Web Content filtering services and Unified Threat Management Solutions are common in any enterprise network. All these devices generate thousands of logs or log size running into few GB of data every day. Monitoring and analysing all these logs and correlate them with the logs generated by other devices in near real-time is humanly impossible. Moreover there is no standard format for logs generated by individual devices. Hence We Need SIEM knowledge base.

Compliance is a business requirement requiring companies to implement SIEM solutions in their environment or outsource to service providers.

Remote Security Incident and Event Management: We offer our services to setup and maintain Security Operations Center as a part of our Security Integration Services at client site. We also have our own SOC with experienced and certified security professionals who can monitor the security alerts in near-real time and provide a view into network’s security status, helping your network team to take proactive approach against security threats.

Our Team have Specialisation in implementing solutions on ARCSIGHT, SPLUNK and AlienVault which are featuring in the top5 SIEM products published by Gartner


Developing a computer incident readiness plan that has been carefully crafted, tested and is routinely updated will ensure your organization can successfully respond to any digital incident or computer forensic requirement.

TriadSquare Management has designed computer incident readiness training programmes and consultancy services assist organizations to understand and devise the necessary plans, procedures and tools to successfully respond to computer-related incidents.It is likely that your organization will have in place an Incident Management Strategy and/or a Business Recovery Strategy that allows you to respond to emergency situations

such as natural disasters or economic downturns – while continuing to deliver the normal day-to-day services. Computer Incident Readiness should be no different. It should always be borne in mind that just one data loss incident can cause financial and reputation damage from which an organization may not recover.

Readiness Review –a consultancy service that assess your current preparedness to deal with incidents that require the forensic gathering and preservation of digital evidence.

First Responder Training – a training course which provides key frontline personnel with the knowledge, skills and techniques to secure digital evidence that may require further forensic investigation.

Management Awareness Training – this training course is specifically geared towards senior management and directors to understand the underlying requirement for electronic evidence and identifies individual responsibilities, technical procedures as well as plans for dealing with wider business issues that could arise from an incident. For example, legal obligations to notify those affected by a data breach or handling potential media enquiry.

Forensics for Lawyers – a workshop designed to assist lawyers understand the risks, issues, responsibilities and requirements their client may face when encountering a situation where a search for digital evidence is required

Desktop Audits

The objective of desktop audit is to check the adequacy of security controls to prevent data theft and malware distribution

Desktop audits are performed to ascertain optimum configuration for a secure system. Following checks will be performed during the audit.

  • Service Packs and Security Updates
  • Auditing and Account Policies
  • Security settings
  • Available services
  • File system and permissions
  • Administrative templates