IT Staffing
Our IT Staffing Services involves a world-wide network of talented IT staff to give their best services to your company that you are looking for.
Information Security Training
Being highly expertised on several Security Subjects, our experts hold Multiple Certifications in different subjects.
Information Security Consulting
With great experience and Technical Knowledge, our security consulting team provides the specialized service, which covers entire Information Security..

Triad Square ?

Triad Square Infosec Pvt Ltd., is a fast growing Indian Multi-Spectrum Company in verticals of Information Security Consulting, Training & end to end Talent Acquisition...
Triad Square Staff Augmentation Services has insight, resources and access to a global network of talent across technologies and industries to provide your company with the Right Work-Force.
TSI Staffing team provides end to end Talent Solutions and Contract Staffing for Enterprises.
Most trusted sources of hands-on trainings in information security with Ethical Hacking, Web Application Security, Network Security, Penetration Testing and forensics trainings & certification courses.
TSI Delivers Trainings through specializations of Class-room, Online Training , On-Demand Training and Corporate Training for Enterprises all over the world.
TSI Consulting Services approach Projects with detail Planning and Attention. Our Highly Systematic Security Consulting Team Ensures Clear and Concise Deliveries with High Quality.
Triad Square offers a wide range of Enterprise Information Security Solutions and Servers together with Technological and Business Prospective


Hacking is an attempt to misuse a computer or private system/network. It is an unauthorised access to get control over other computer network security systems for illegal usage. The person who is engaged in these hacking activities is referred as a hacker. It is finding a weakness in computer network or system and gaining access to the particular network which leads to misuse of personal data.
A person has to be highly intelligent and skilled in computer languages to be …